Life is a Journey……Do you know where you are headed on your journey?

Rose Colombo (c) 5/11/2017

Love includes pain and pain includes love.  Some times, we feel like we’re the only ones who experience pain even though we know that’s not true. We turn on the TV and everyone appears to be put together and successful in the advertisements or else the ads go in the opposite direction and everyone in the commercial is viewed as an idiot and a slob which I suppose many people find funny in today’s world.  However, should we not raise the question how can we become successful if we lower our standards in our personal lives or business lives?  An important part of  finding peace of mind and success is simple.  We must learn to love ourselves and like ourselves before we can heal our pain.

Some times, we must make choices that family members and friends or co-workers resent making it painful for us.  The truth is that we must draw boundaries around our space for different people.  Everyone has an inner sense or an inner voice that whispers in their head that the choice they are making isn’t a good choice, but we ignore the warnings and go for it full speed ahead knowing that there will be a train wreck when we make bad choices.

Choices have consequences and consequences come from making choices whether good or bad, there are consequences to our choices.  For example, some people know that it’s not the right man or woman to marry, but they compromise and decide that they can change him or her in time and learn to love that person, but that generally doesn’t happen.  In fact, it just makes people grow apart.  There are couples who choose to have a baby even though, they are both working and struggling to pay their bills.  The wife gets pregnant and quits her job to be a stay-home mom, but after the baby arrives, the finances are tight and the wife can’t go back to work because the child care costs are too expensive confirming that choices have consequences. Poor choices creates stress.

Each day is a new page on our individual journeys.  Are you at a point in your life where you must make important choices and you don’t have anyone to share that concern or idea?  Some times, we fear that our family or  friends will respond with negative reactions and discourage us from taking a first step towards our goal. Fear can stand in the way of success or marriage or having kids or asking for a raise at work.  Every human being has these moments during their life span; however, some people take action and move forward while others remain paralyzed and remain in the same safe box during their life span.

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