Why High-Tech Communication Can Be Diminishing the Art of Listening!

Rose Colombo (c)  pub. 4/26/2017

The world can be a lonely place as we know even though we are living in the age of high-tech communication devices that link us to entire world with billions of people living upon the earth.  Many of us think about the fact that billions of people live upon the earth, but can’t understand why it’s so difficult to find one person who we can trust with our concerns or ideas.  On the other hand, why not ask yourself the question:  What if you could communicate with someone who truly cares about your idea or concern and could help motivate you in a positive direction or confirm your concern or idea?  There are times when communicating with a stranger can be more fulfilling than sharing our ideas and concerns with people who are close to us such as family and friends.

Quite frankly, many people don’t think about the isolation among human beings  that technology is creating along with mass transportation and no-driver vehicles and robots which I coined back in the 90’s as “robotoids,” and others refer to as “humanoids.”  Most people spend a lot of time on the road listening to the radio or singing along with pop stars, but we don’t spend as much time listening to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  We don’t spend as much time memorizing positive verses as we do memorizing a popular song.  Memorizing a song that makes you feel good is a good thing, but memorizing a song that brings you to a depressed state should never be memorized. Today, we can send our message to 10 o more acquaintances or strangers in a split second in just one click.

Furthermore, today’s world is different from any time in the history of the USA and the world.  We can travel anywhere in the world by train, plane, or ship in hours.  We are experiencing an increase of single family parents which means that the single parent no longer has a partner to relay their concerns or ideas.  Most families experience the feeling that noone is home to listen to the single parent or latchkey child, so they try calling a friend. The majority of people work for a living or they are in school training for a new career as more jobs become obsolete.  Americans are being trained to live alone and turn to the high-tech computers for information and communication and decisions.  The problem remains that computers can’t express the tone related to the comment and people may not know if it’s sarcasm or rude or humor.  Computers don’t have the ability to share human feelings when receiving or sending a text.

It’s amazing how many Americans have a concern or an idea and a dream, but they don’t have anyone willing to listen who will take the time to respond in a positive manner.  In fact,  it appears that the attention span of most people is diminishing and more kids are on their computers after school than conversing with their families or teachers.  Since the 90’s, it’s reported that kids who appear to have a short listening span are sent to counseling and many times, they are diagnosed as overactive and sent to a psychiatrist who prescribes drugs such as Ritalin or other drugs that can cause suicidal tendencies, anger, or hallucinations.  The truth is that most Rx’s don’t cure the problems, but can be dangerous and addictive.

Listening is an art and the art of  listening creates better communication skills which helps individuals and  families which could possibly save marriages from ending up in divorce court.  Listening and developing communication skills by high ranking government employees could save lives and help maintain world peace.  Listening skills is one of the most important skills that human beings need in order to protect themselves and those they love from making bad choices.  I read a statement that intrigued me.  It stated, “Bad Choices Make Great Stories.”

Most people hear what they want to hear and discard the rest of what is said. If you don’t catch a person’s attention within the first sentence then you probably lost them or they weren’t listening at all.  People feel offended when they are speaking and the audience isn’t paying any attention to what the speaker is communicating.  On the other hand, the fact that a good portion of the population fear asking anyone to listen to their concern or idea because they fear that someone will belittle them is common.

Therefore, people should ask themselves if they ever feel as if they are like the duck in the photo above swimming in mucky water.  Do you feel that you’re in muck water and that you are drowning without anyone coming to your rescue?  Perhaps, you may want to study the photo above that depicts the duck paddling along in the water on a sunny day.  What do you see in the photo?  Each person will see some thing different.  What do you see?  Serenity?  Isolation?  Enjoyment?  Silence?  Nature?  Lost?  Loss?  Loneliness?

We’ve all heard the term, “He’s like a duck out of water” or “Don’t ruffle his feathers.” In the caption pictured at the top of the page, we assume that it reflects serenity; however, it can also reflect isolation.  The duck in the photo above seems to be at a place where the duck appears to be living the good life in a serene environment.  The terms related to ducks such as  “Birds of a feather flock together,” are passed down from generation to generation because they relate to human beings.  It is true that like–minded people appear to flock together.  Human beings and animals are tribal.  Yet, we see unusual photos of animals helping other animals who we are told are enemies.

Consequently,  there is a vast number of people who are shocked when their feathers are ruffled unexpectedly.  Each person will react differently.  The positive person will react  in a positive manner.  The positive person will take action and move into a safer place so he or she can move on with life.  However, the negative person will fear change and will probably remain in the cesspool with their ruffled feathers because they have no one to turn listen to their cries for help or perhaps, they refuse to listen and move on.

Therefore, a wonderful new website has been created for people seeking a response to their question or concern which will be personal and confidential.  Anyone can Subscribe Today and share their concern or idea with an Advocate whose there to provide an experience, not just a response.   Take a moment and contact an advocate whose  waiting for you to email your question or idea to her on the email form provided when you click on the link below and then click on Subscribe Today  at the topo of the Home Page.   For more information, click on the following link:  www.colombochronicles.com

This listening skill offered by an advocate is  possible right now!   You now have an opportunity to connect with a professional Advocate whose information has been sought out nationally by people from all walks of life.  Some of those seeking Colombo’s input are business owners, scientists, lawyers, doctors, average Americans and legal U.s. Immigrants – even a Judge – who found herself caught up in a web of  injustices.  In fact, Rose felt confused, shocked, and  betrayed by her lawyer, the judges during a horrendous divorce battle without any advocacy in place.  Some times, there was a misunderstanding with a co-worker or family member over the years  that needed to be resolved through better communication skills.  It’s true that after divorce, Rose and people around the nation, find themselves with no one to talk to about their issues and discover there isn’t anywhere to go for help other than to pay thousands of dollars to speak with a lawyer, but some times,  peopole don’t need legal advice, just someone who gets it.   That person could be you!  Please Bookmark, Share, and Google this new website –  Colombo Chronicles N Consultations at  www.colombochronicles.com

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