Knowledge Creates Survivors! How To Climb to the Top of the Mountain and Make a Difference!

Rose Colombo, pub. 4/27/2017  –  “Knowledge Creates Survivors!”

Have you ever dreamed of climbing to the top of a beautiful mountain, but the climb appeared too steep and unattainable?  Many people are looking at life through tunnel vision.  They don’t look right or left or up and down.  They look straight ahead.  They aren’t flexible.  They only see a  mountain of struggles and feel defeated because they believe the obstacles are too difficult to overcome.  There is no such word as “can’t.” In order to get to the top of the mountain, each person must take the first step and remove the obstacles in front of them until they disappear.  That is the first accomplishment towards climbing the mountain to reach a goal.

Of course, that requires a strategy. Each person must write down a plan and a schedule on removing the stumbling blocks that are preventing them from climbing the mountain.  Have you ever felt that there wasn’t anyone available to share your concern or your goal who was willing to listen to you?  I think we’ve all felt that moment in time.   Many people give up, but achieving a goal means that you never give up.  Check out the picture at the top of this page and imagine that is you!  You took steps to remove the stumbling blocks.  You  climbed the mountain.  You are standing at the top of the mountain. You are reaching your potential. You feel free like a bird ready to spread your wings.  Age doesn’t matter.  Never stop reaching for your dream.  Imagine that you  achieved your goal and you are filled with joy and peace of mind.


There are no coincidences.  You are at the right place at the right time.  You have reached a seasoned Advocate for Justice and Consultant with 25 years experience providing moral support and self-help information to hundreds and hundreds of people around the nation (some say millions through Colombo’s writings, social media, radio, newsletters, and popular hosts interviewing Colombo on radio, TV, and major newspapers who published the articles she wrote on injustices.  Consequently, she was featured in major and local newspapers as the Founder of “Women Fight Back,” leading a grassroots movement in the 90’s against the corrupted legal system.  Newspapers and magazines have quoted Rose Colombo and referred to her as a “Crusader for Equal Rights.”

In 2017, Colombo had an epiphany.  Why not reach more people through social media who prefer to remain anonymous and don’t want to post their concern online for the world to read.  Colombo compiled a massive amount of research and documents and she’s interviewed prominent people from around the world as well as victims of legal abuse on radio and TV.  Colombo warns people that “Injustice doesn’t discriminate against anyone and can come knocking on anyone’s back door unexpectedly.”  Colombo  decided that  the world is inundated with  robots and technology. The New World Order is diminishing human communication as well as human touch and the art of human listening.  They are minimizing morality, respect, values, principles, and integrity, which require the art of listening to other human beings.  A robotic high tech machine can delete the person in a split second or end the conversation or erase it; however, human communication for those who develop the art of listening are gaining knowledge about someone or some thing and that information can’t be deleted.

Are you concerned about some thing that is important to you, but you are afraid to share it or there isn’t anyone who will listen or understand your concern.  Perhaps, you are in the right place at the right time and this is exactly where you are suppose to be.  This is an opportunity to share your concern by reading the offers made at Colombo’s new website:

Are you going through divorce or a custody battle?  Did some thing good happen in your life and you want to share it in a safe place.  Are you in an abusive relationship.  How about child abuse or elder abuse or spousal abuse?  Your personal concern will be private and confidential and you will receive a personal response in a reasonable amount of time, excluding legal, political, financial, or political advice.  (Of course, no inappropriate concerns submitted  will be given are response).

We, as Americans, are  losing the ability to listen to parents, grandparents, children, spouses, educators, friends, and strangers in need of a hand up.  Human beings were created by God with the gift of audio built-into our heads.  God gave us two ears so we could listen to God’s guidance and we can listen to anyone who communicates with us.   For example, many  young men don’t bother to call a young girl and ask her out on a date, but take the easy way out and text.  Some times, the people on the other end of the text ask, “What do you mean by that?”  There isn’t any human connection.  It appears that it is a lonely world out there and more people are feeling isolated as everyone is busy trying to make ends meet or they are working hard to  achieve their goals.  There are people ordering brides online which is mind boggling.

Another example might be that many families who return home after work or school end up disjointed.  Everyone is going in a different direction and each family member has plans.  They drive through the fast food chains for dinner.  Most parents aren’t planning meals and sitting down at the dinner table any longer and breaking bread.  They aren’t sharing their concerns at the dinner table as in the past, while the family listened, and provided their thoughts. Many family members are running out the door saying, “I’m going to the gym,” and “I’ll text you.”

Some times, our lives make a detour.  Colombo was a businesswoman and a professional in the beauty industry, when she unexpectedly ended up in the web of judicial corruption, that shocked her to the very core. She realized there was no where to go for help and no one to talk to about it or listen who understood the pain and suffering. She set out to change that by creating and producing newsletters prior to the internet, creating  cable TV shows and radio shows as her grassroots movement began to spread during the 90’s.

Detective Columbo sought the truth and Justice for all.  Rose Colombo related to him and she’s been seeking truth and justice for all as well.  In fact, Colombo wrote two award-winning 5 Star Review books.  In one book, Chapter 10, it reads, “There is only justice for $um and for some.”  Colombo says that between 40% to 60% of all Americans end up in divorce court every year .  Many people and the kids feel depressed and broken after divorce.   It’s a fact, the number of people and businesses filing for bankruptcy protection isn’t diminishing any time soon.   We know that the Department of Justice throws more Americans in jail than any country in the world exceeding that of China and Russia. Many Americans are concerned about the invasion of unidentified foreigners and the unsecured borders which are serious concerns for Americans.

Therefore, Rose Colombo, whose empathy  for victims of legal abuse and passion for justice for Americans led to  helping hundreds of victims end up survivors over the years.  Colombo worked tirelessly to become a survivor while attempting to protect her children.  Colombo understands the pain and suffering of being a whistle-blower and a victim who was determined not to remain a victim but set out to make a positive  difference in the world.   Colombo decided that her passion and her mission can assist more people with an online response by providing moral support as well as information from a human being, not a robot, who takes each concern to heart.  As stated, Colombo doesn’t provide legal advice and always suggests people seek out their own legal advisers.

You have the opportunity to take advantage of a new project which Colombo just created online.  She’s been sought out nationally by people from all walks of life over the years.  Many people have written notes, emails, and called to thank her for her information and moral support.  Now, she’s reaching out to people with a concern who can follow the instructions and learn more at her new website –

Lastly, Colombo says that she’s received many awards for her mission in life, but the  best award comes from victims who suffered injustices and  end up survivors because they feel empowered having a human being acknowledge their concern without judging them.

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