Big Cities, Bright Lights, But Where Are you Going and Are you in headed in the Right Direction?

Rose Colombo (c) 7/8/2017

My daughter and I couldn’t wait to see the by streets and big city lights of New York City about October 2016 during the election year of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  The election reminded me of the Kentucky Derby.  Donald Trump was the long shot according to the majority of Americans, especially the Liberal Socialist Democrats.  Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders knew exactly where they were headed towards the polls as the favorites, it did appears.  Hillary and Bernie it appears assumed that one of them would be the winning race horse.  The DNC was 100% positive that a Democrat would be elected and win the all-American race with the dream and goal of having the Honor to be the President of the United States of America.

As they three race horses came down to the finish line, Hillary Clinton, was 100% positive that she was the winner and prepared to giver her victory speech, right? She was minutes away from reaching her dream and meeting her goal.   Hillary’s supporters were positive she would win the election as well as  most television hosts on all stations.  But, I wasn’t surprised.  I knew Trump would “Win Big” and predicted he would “Win Big” and at the end of the race, he by-passed Hillary and Bernie and won the race by a “Big Win.” and shocked the Democrats and TV Hosts.

The moral of the story is that even though you are a favorite race horse and you have years of experience in a particular field, it  doesn’t mean that you will make it to the top.  Therefore, people who are dreaming of making it to the top of their individual dream must never assume that they will make it.  People shouldn’t be so arrogant that they believe they can’t possibly lose.  Remember, the higher you set your expectations, the higher the joy when you win, but the higher the expectation if you should fail to win, the harder the fall.

Therefore, if you’re going to get into a race in your life whether it’s to be the best President of the USA or a small business owner, a CEO, or the best employee seeking to climb the ladder of success as examples, there are secrets to success.  You must have passion!  You must love your dream and goal.  You must be committed. You can’t take anything for granted. And, peoplemust practice and stay on top of their expertise.   Famous artists, musicians, and opera stars don’t assume anything no matter how many times they perform.

The truth is that many successful people have failed many times, but they reorganize and strt again or try some thing new.  Many people havemore than one talent. Successful people practice every day.  They sacrifice. They don’t assume that the competitition can’t outshine them. It’s important to respect your competition and concentrate on your goal, not on the competition’s goal, just be aware that they want the same thing you want. And just because you don’t win the first time around doesn’t mean that you can’t pick yourself up and try again. The secret to reaching a dream and the goal that must be met is to remain committed and pick yourself up and “never give up,” unless it’s financially and physically and emotionally distressing.  At that point, it’s time to seek a new dream.

Remember, your age doesn’t matter if you have a dream. Some times, life postpones our dreams, but the timing may be now.  I dreamed of visiting  NYC during my life time, but family and life got in the way.  It wasn’t the right time to reach that dream. But, the timing was right when me and my daughter were excited and having fun and excited to see the busy city and bright lights for the first time together.   We should never stop dreaming or striving to reach our goals regardless of age. People can compete at any age in their  category.  People can become rich and famous at any age.

Many famous artists, painters, writers, and poets died in rags.  The mind is powerful if you keep your mind and body healthy.  It doesn’t mean that people who passed away without being rich and famous while they were alive are losers or defeated; however, it does mean that they reached  their goal and made their dream come true and left their work  behind for the world to enjoy.  What a wonderful reward.  It means that those who passed away before you turned their dream into a reality and may have left their dream behind for a few or maybe for millions to enjoy or read or enjoy for decades.

It’s true that every human being is unique and each person is on a journey.  Take the first step.  Take action.  Take a risk.  Don’t take your dream with you when you are called home, but make your dream a reality and leave your unique creation behind for your family, friends, and perhaps, the world.  God gifted each person with talent.  Don’t waste your gift.  Don’t waste your talent as time is precious, too.  Now, write down your goal and the steps you will take to reach your dream.

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